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Gerco since 1950

Gerco Laboratories is a Colombian Pharmaceutical Industry founded in 1950 in Cartagena de Indias, by Dr. Germán Covo Tono, recognized chemical pharmacist from Colombia’s National University. Gerco got its name from the initials and last name of Dr. Germán Covo.

In the year of 1973 Gerco Laboratories revolutionized the popular pharmaceutical market launching the first anti-lice substance produced in Colombia: Champiojo. Later on, Dr. Covo Tono, taking into consideration the healthy properties offered by the fruit known as Totumo, developed and launched the product Teséis, popularly known as Totumo Syrup.

Since 1985 the company began its nationwide coverage and later expanded its borders into international markets, primarily in Central America.

Currently, Gerco is one of the most highly recognized pharmaceutical labs nationally, certified by the Colombian Food and Drug Institute (INVIMA) with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Today present, Gerco has further revolutionized the market with its product Forz Cream, which specializes in sports warm-ups and good sports fitness.

Our Mission:

Build the most effective platform in the manufacture and marketing of innovative and high quality pharmaceutical products by using human resources productively and with better information technology to continuously strengthen the added value for our buyers and consumers.

Our Vision:

Become a strong and profitable company with customer service orientation consisting of a professional team offering high value-added contributions to the family-based health market, becoming a leader in the production of high quality popular medical products for Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean ensuring benefits for investors, business partners and strategic allies.

Certificate in Good Manufacturing Practices:

In enforcing report 32 of the World Health Organization and the requirements of INVIMA, Gerco Laboratories, in 2001, was certified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which means that the company manufactures and markets pharmaceutical drugs that are optimal for human consumption, meeting the quality parameters required internationally.

Health Tips


Forz Super Sport is a special cream for athletes because of its heat effect contributes to greater thermal sensation in the muscle massaged area.
Forz Super Sport is a product that is suggested for use in all kinds of sports and physical muscular effort.

Tips for Athletes

FORZ CREAM is your best ally

The benefits of our FORZ CREAM are unique. GERCO, as a team, works hard for the health of our clients and athletes.

Our FORZ CREAM helps prevent muscle soreness before and after exercise. El Pibe, a well-known athlete in Colombia is our ambassador.